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Places of interest



Alexanderkirche (St. Alexander's church)

This is a late Gothic hall church constructed from 1450 by Aberlin Jörg. The tall and slender columns of the nave rising far above the two aisles combine with the filigree ribbed vault to create a harmonious interior with wonderful acoustics.


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Altstadt (the Old Town)

The entire Old Town, including the town wall and other mediaeval fortifications, has been under conservation since 1983.


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Burgplatz / Oberer Torturm (castle square / upper gate tower)

The castle square with the walls of Marbach's former town castle is the oldest part of Marbach. Several years of excavations carried out by the Landesdenkmalamt (state office for historical monuments) have offered valuable clues to Marbach's mediaeval history.

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Rathaus (town hall) und Glockenspiel

The Rathaus or town hall is located in the heart of the historical Old Town.

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Schiller Monument

The Schiller Monument is situated in the park on the Schillerhöhe, across from the Schiller National Museum.


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Historical town wall

The first town wall in Marbach appears to have been built shortly after the town was founded at the end of the 12th century.


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Wendelinskapelle (St. Wendelin's chapel)

This late Gothic chapel is unique and mysterious. It is the only chapel in Swabia to have rectangular choir windows decorated with tracery as well as freestanding arc ribs in the choir interior.


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Bürgerturm tower

This former fortified tower stands out from the other buildings and is one of the picturesque images of Marbach's Old Town.


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