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Alexanderkirche (St. Alexander’s church)

Am alten Markt (Map)

This is a late Gothic hall church constructed from 1450 by Aberlin Jörg. The tall and slender columns of the nave rising far above the two aisles combine with the filigree ribbed vault to create a harmonious interior with wonderful acoustics. Decorative capstones on the arched roof are repeated on the high choir with its elegant windows and late Gothic tracery.


Special works of art from the late Gothic period include the stone pulpit, the remains of the choir stalls and the Christophorus fresco as well as the repurchased sacristy, which was restored to its original location in May 2004.


In addition to the Concordia bell dating from 1859, known as the ‘Schiller’ bell, the church was furnished with a new bell system in 1997 that comprises five privately financed bells.


In June 2005, the church found a new treasure in the shape of a 130-year old Voit organ which was carefully restored during years of painstaking work. This marked the official completion of the extensive renovation work underway at the church since 1995.


Please also visit the homepage of the association set up to maintain the church (, which contains lots more information and pictures, as well as the homepage of the project for the 1868 Voit organ at St. Alexander’s church in Marbach (


Visit these sites to obtain information and see pictures of the restoration progress and much more besides.







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