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Guided tours of the town


Marbach is all about Schiller! But not only that: the town on the Neckar is one of the oldest country towns in Württemberg and its entire historical Old Town is under conservation. To find out why, you simply have to look at the town’s architectural face, which is characterized by its lovingly restored half-timbered houses, fountains and remains of the mediaeval fortifications with the distinctive Obere Torturm or upper gate tower, not forgetting its picturesque Holdergasse streets, an area formerly inhabited by winegrowers and farmers. The late Gothic Alexanderkirche with its 130-year old restored Voit organ is an architectural jewel. You can also hear about Tobias Mayer, Marbach’s second great son. The mathematician and astronomer made a significant contribution to the advancement of the natural sciences in the 18th century.


Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Rate: € 60.00 per group

Maximum number of participants: 30